Skyscraper Live

This microsite experience was built to promote Discovery Channel’s global live event for Skyscraper Live. Following the success of Skywire Live, we had to deliver an improved experience that could inform audience about the walk, demonstrate what it feels like on the tightrope, learn about Nik Wallenda’s preparation for the walk and deliver a unique webcast experience that could be enjoyed with or without watching the TV broadcast. The final product was a robust and beautiful responsive website that handled 2.5 million video streams during the 1 hour live event.

We explored the UX of each and every one of these unique sections to streamline the best way to communicate with the audience. For the About the Walk section we devised a very graphical 3D canvas animation that could be manipulated in browser by the user. The Take the Walk section allowed users to experience a 360 photo of key milestones in the walk as if you are standing on the tightrope. The Watch Videos section allowed users to watch the live stream of the broadcast from 6 different vantage points.

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  • Concept Development
  • UX and Art Direction
  • Thought Leadership
  • Front-End Development


  • Live webcast supported 2.5 million video streams